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WorldBody Fitness

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Set off on a mission to collect wilderness essentials as you burn calories, recruit allies, and take on new excursions.

WorldBody Fitness

Give Back

Take on the challenge of helping social causes as you complete activities you’ll gain points toward nonprofit donations.

WorldBody Fitness

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Maintain your fitness routine and explore the world from wherever you are with our recorded class trainings.


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Explore Our World

World Body Fitness is a high intensity, ever-changing workout experience designed to keep you engaged in a workout routine while offering personalized modifications to achieve your goals. Our coach-led 60 minute group fitness classes were developed to provide a unique workout daily allowing you to try new exercises and enhance all parts of your body. At World Body Fitness you’ll enjoy a feeling of connection, excitement for new experiences, and fulfillment by unique wellness offerings.

Explore new fitness regimens daily and challenge your body as you rotate through our terrains including treadmills, ski ergometers, bikes, weights and the unknown.

Discover new workouts as our ecosystem develops, terrains will change allowing you to experience styles like boxing, ropes, sleds and balance challenges.

Take on new voyages as we explore various workout styles, equipment stations and fitness goals tied to different parts of the world.

Plan your excursion on your time as all classes throughout a single day are the same.
Explore new adventures daily as we deliver unique cardio-based workout sequences with a mix of weights and focus areas to reach target heart rate zones and achieve new fitness goals.
Join the World Tour program and complete our questionnaire to communicate your fitness objectives, including fat loss, maintenance, toning, muscle building and more. As we develop new excursions, we review member details and incorporate exercises to focus on your goals.

Challenge Yourself

We believe in the power of exercise and fitness to motivate people to live their best life.

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Pricing Plans

Gold Membership


  • (Billed bi-weekly)
  • 3 Sessions / Week
  • Unlimited Virtual Sessions
Silver Membership


  • (Billed bi-weekly)
  • 2 Sessions / Week
  • Unlimited Virtual Sessions
Bronze Membership


  • (Billed bi-weekly)
  • 1 Sessions / Week
  • Unlimited Virtual Sessions
Founding Members


  • Discount for Life of Membership
  • 3 Sessions / Week
  • Unlimited Virtual Sessions

10 Class Package $199 (Save $51)


20 Class Package $379 (Save $151)


30 Class Package $539 (Save $251)

Drop-In Rate $25

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Use your compass to track your heart rate and minutes in each “zone” to calculate total calories and points in each session, while logging daily performance metrics for review over time.

Get the supplies you need to take on new adventures at the World Body Essentials Shop. Find apparel, rations and supplements to enhance your daily performance.

World Body level Chart

Degrees of Latitude

Reach new latitudes as you increase your intensity level and speed up your heart rate as we heat up to reach new target zones and cool down for recovery.

Why our clients have become our fans

I’ve been working out with Dan for the past year and I’ve gotten in the best shape of my life! Just in time for my wedding!! 

Nelson & Agliano

Amy Nelson

Tracey has pushed me in the gym but it does it in a way that doesn’t re-injure my shoulder. She had shown me things I can do outside of the gym as well. I would highly recommend Tracey at World Body for a great workout experience.


Amy Cihak